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Seafood Connection is a leading supplier of frozen seafood products. Each year, we trade over 70,000 metric tons of frozen fish products through our network of retail, foodservice, wholesale and industrial customers. Since 2013, we have been part of the Japanese multinational Maruha Nichiro, one of the world’s largest fish companies.

Since 1995, it has been our mission to bring responsibly produced seafood products to the market, supplied by companies who respect our planet and the people living on this planet. Fish is our passion. We connect our customers' demand to worldwide supply. We proudly move products to more than 30 countries across the world.

Our success can be attributed to the strong relationships we’ve built over the years, which have resulted in mutual respect and trust. Our worldwide connections give us direct access to the best sources of fish available. We have a major responsibility to take good care of these natural sources. By preserving the treasures of the sea, we aim to ensure future generations can enjoy the delicate flavour of fish.

Connect to global strength

Our brands

Seafood Connection sells its products under a variety of brand names. Each brand represents a unique range of products catering to different markets. Packaging plays an important role in communicating brand values to customers.

That’s why we were closely involved in developing the exclusive private label brand ‘Zeebonk’ with Dutch retailer Jumbo. Are you interested in developing a new product range? We can help! Ask our sales team about the many possibilities on offer.


Seacon Production B.V. is our own flexible modern production facility in the Netherlands which is specialised in producing seafood from the North Sea like Plaice, Sole and Norway Lobster. In 2017 they joined the Seafood Connection Group.

About our parent company

Established in 1880, Maruha Nichiro is currently one of the largest fish companies in the world. Maruha Nichiro understands that successful business brings great responsibilities. Those who do business with us, know how committed we are to our values.

Maruha Nichiro Group aims to be an essential part of society, enhancing people’s lives with nutritious, safe and healthy food.

Maruha Nichiro group vision...

  • Be an excellent, 21st century company that contributes to the world
    and food industry, as a responsible citizen of the planet.
  • Understand the ever-changing needs of our customers and
    together create enduring value together.
  • Progress into new global businesses and markets with adaptable and sustainable strategies that enhance stable resource procurement and technological innovation.