Our values

Find out what drives us


Seafood Connection is always on the lookout for the best fish products from around the world. We connect our customers demand to worldwide supply. Our mission is to bring responsibly produced seafood products to the market, supplied by companies who respect our planet and the people living on this planet. 

Relationships are key

Since our company was founded, our priority has been building long-term business relationship based on collaboration, mutual respect and trust. These cornerstones of our company have provided the foundation for our success.

The best catch

Fish is our passion. Through our mother company Maruha Nichiro we have access to a vast network of sustainable fish resources that continuously provide us with the best catch. A sustainable future begins with our responsibility to ensure coming generations may also enjoy the delicate flavour of fish.

Quality control

Our fresh frozen raw materials are sourced from suppliers we know and facilities we have inspected. Product quality and food safety are ensured through our locally present quality teams that inspect finished products on a daily basis.


Seafood Connection is IFS Broker certified. Our fresh frozen raw materials are produced by partners we know personally, and whose facilities we have visited. We strive to maintain the highest quality. To achieve this, all our products are carefully inspected and tested. We have several quality inspectors operating in the field. For verification, we constantly test our products on microbiological and physical aspects. Catering to customer requirements in the areas of compliance comes naturally to us.

In line with steadily increasing fish consumption, it is important to have a responsible, sustainable purchasing policy in place. Together, we can ensure natural and valuable fish sources are preserved for future generations. We encourage you to make a difference by choosing fish products that have been responsibly farmed (ASC certified), sustainably wild caught (MSC certified) or sourced from sustainable fisheries (Naturland certified). You can recognise these products by the logos on their packaging.