Discover the journey of Jumbo tilapia with a QR code on every package

From today, Jumbo customers can follow the entire journey that tilapia takes from the fish farm in Indonesia to the Jumbo store in the Netherlands. With the QR code on the packaging access is given to every step in the production and distribution process. Risks become clear and chain partners can take steps to prevent them. We are committed to make this farmed fish even more sustainable. 

The tilapia blockchain project provides transparency to our consumers in order to be able to make a conscious choice. Supermarkets, producers and suppliers have taken action to share the available knowledge and information. 

Olaf de Boer, Commercial Director at Jumbo: 
‘Our customers must be able to trust that the products we sell are produced with attention and respect for people, animals and the environment. We also notice that customers increasingly want to know where their food comes from and what influence that has on quality, health, environment and price, for example.’ 

Maarten de Boer, Unit Manager Retail at Seafood Connection:
this project is a step forward in transparency towards our consumer. This will give customers confidence in the product so they can enjoy the delicious taste of this sustainable fish.’