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Norwegian lobster is also known commercially as scampi or langoustine. It's a small lobster that can reach 10 to 30 centimeters. A scampi is orange on top and side and white on the bottom. The meat is tender and firm and has a refined, slightly sweet taste. It is a wonderful product!


Latin name: Nephrops norvegicus
Wild caught in the central North Sea (FAO 27/IVb)
Catching method: trawls
Dedicated vessels

Directly to our own factory

Seacon Prodcution is located in Urk. They are mainly focusing on the production of seafood from the North Sea such as Plaice, Dab, Sole, Turbot, Norway Lobster and freshwater fish products.

Hand packed for you

Tray: 1000g / 750g / 500g / 450g
Brand: Seacon or private label
Packaging: sleeve or sticker

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