Maruha Nichiro verwerft aandeel Seacon

Maruha Nichiro Seafoods neemt 52,5% van de aandelen over 

Urk, April 22nd 2013- Dutch importer Seafood Connection B.V. announces that it has concluded the terms for a share transfer agreement with Maruha Nichiro Seafoods, Inc., for the transfer of 52,5% issued shares of Seafood Connection Holding B.V. The remaining 47,5% will remain for the account of CEO and co-founder mr. Jan Kaptijn. The closing is expected to take place end of June 2013.

Seafood Connection’s core business is the import, export and distribution of deep-frozen fish products in Europe. The company has been providing safe,sustainable and reliable seafood to customers in most parts of Europe since 1995. Seafood Connection is known for being one of the biggest European importers of frozen pangasius fillets from Vietnam. Annually, the company moves around 25,000 metric tons of fish products in Europe.

The agreement is expected to increase Seafood Connection’s sales into the European market by merging into the -mainly sourcing- network of Maruha Nichiro’s Group companies. Seafood Connection is already a longterm customer of various Maruha Nichiro subsidiaries which are supplying the company with single frozen Alaskan Pollock blocks for the Dutch wholesale market.

Maruha Nichiro aims to strengthen European sales thanks to contribution of Seafood Connection and by benefitting from the network of sales representatives and Seacon-offices in Europe.

Recent focus of Seafood Connection was to expand their business into the South-European countries in which shrimps and cephalopods products played an important role. Over the years, the company has furthermore grown into a respected supplier to retail chains in the North-European retail market.

Kaptijn continues: “It has taken Seafood Connection several years to bring our European distribution network to the current levels. It’s obvious that with this step, and with the growing ambitions of Maruha Nichiro into Europe, we will further develop this market. Actually, it’s quite simple. If we want to grow we need people, products and capital.  With Maruha Nichiro we have found the right partner to achieve these goals and expand our business. The market for fish imports into Europe is still growing so the demand is
already there”.

Trans-Europe Seafood Sales B.V. (TESS), the current European sales-office of Maruha Nichiro, plays an important role in this new setup. The core business of TESS is serving the industrial reprocesses in Europe with mainly products from North-America. This will not change but obviously mutual customers and markets have been studied in order to create a win-win situation in which eachother’s business networks can and will be used.

Kaptijn continues: “No doubt our position and presence in Vietnam and our expertise in Vietnamese aquaculture is an attractive addition to the global network of Maruha Nichiro".

Ever expanding business

Maruha Nichiro is expanding its business into diverse food categories, building on its strengths in seafood products. Ever since the merger of Nichiro with Maruha took place in 2007, they have undertaken the process of vertical integration of the company, from access to resources, through processing and to the sales of highly value-added frozen food products. 

Seafood Connection is another cornerstone to fullfill Maruha Nichiro’s mission to contribute to a reliable and worldwide seafood supply. The new business cooperation between Maruha Nichiro Seafoods and Seafood Connection is expected to create growth and develop sales activities in new and existing markets. 

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