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Nieuwe stap in verhoging kwaliteitsgaranties

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam/Urk, Nederland
Na een lange en vruchtbare samenwerking met het kwaliteitsbureau Vietnam Food Promotie is dit bedrijf uit Ho Chi Minh City eind juni 2009 door Seafood Connection B.V. overgenomen en omgedoopt in Seacon Vietnam. Kwaliteitscontroles, rapportages en het verzorgen van audits behoren tot de kerntaken van Seacon Vietnam.

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Naast een kantoor in Vietnam heeft Seafood Connection nu ook een kantoor in China aan zich verbonden: Seacon China.

Seacon international seacon china 19-07 10:52

De kantoren in het land van herkomst van de visproducten zijn o.a. verantwoordelijk voor kwaliteitscontroles, analyses en audits. Dit alles om een nog betere kwaliteitsgarantie te kunnen geven op al onze visproducten uit Azië.

Lees hieronder het intenationale persbericht met betrekking tot de overname van Vietnam Food Promotion.

After a long-term and close cooperation between the two companies, Seafood Connection, Europe’s major pangasius importer, has now taken over Vietnam Food Promotion Co., LTD.

 HCM city based Vietnam Food Promotion, a respected quality assurance agency in seafood with an experienced office crew and several independant quality inspectors active inside the factories and at the farms, will be renamed into Seacon Vietnam Representative Office.

 Seacon Vietnam will be responsible for all activities relating to the export of seafood products from Vietnam such as farm audits, factory audits, quality inspections, quality reports, monitoring of analyses and various communication regarding final quality approval and shipment dates of containers.

 QA Manager Klaas Jan Mazereeuw from Seafood Connection: “The pangasius market is very competative. We believe that quality assurance in the land of origin will become a crucial factor in the years to come.

Our customers now take full advantage of our joined experience and our extensive set up of quality control in Vietnam. Even strategic partners who are buying directly from factories themselves can contact us and should consider using our services in Vietnam.

This way, we create a closed chain-of-custody which will ultimately lead to a higher standard in quality and food safety of the finished product”.

 For further information please contact Mr. Klaas Jan Mazereeuw from Seafood Connection B.V. at +31 527 687066 or email;

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