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Seafood Connection is a leading supplier of frozen seafood products. Each year, we trade over 70,000 metric tons of frozen fish products through our retail, foodservice, wholesale and industrial customer network. Since 2013, we have been part of the Japanese multinational Maruha Nichiro, one of the world’s largest fish companies.

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Blue Planet
Fish with a future

In 2022 we introduced our Blue Planet frozen fish line, tailored specifically for the retail market. Perfect for supermarkets looking for in-and-out products for the summer or Christmas period. The new look has 2 packaging styles: light blue for essential range and dark blue for our premium selections.

Embodying our commitment to excellence and sustainabillity, all products in this line are natural and sourced responsibly, either from ASC-certified farms or sustainably harvested through MSC-certified methods, ensuring high quality and nutritional value.  All products are customizable to our customers preferences.

Over 1.2 million portions of fish delivered every day!

A wide range of frozen seafood products allows us to meet our customers’ demands: from responsibly farmed species such as Pangasius, Tilapia and Shrimp

to sustainably caught Hake, Tuna, Nile perch and Cod. In the Netherlands, we are the leading supplier of Alaskan Pollock fillet blocks and pre-cut Alaskan Kibbeling.

  • ''Seacon Sushi - to achieve the highest Japanese standards''

  • "Fish is our passion"

  • "Ensuring quality and food safety are our highest priority"

  • ''Yesso Scallops''

  • ''Nile perch sourced from sustainable fisheries''