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Discover our new Seacon Vegan products!


Over the last years sushi became celebrated in Europe as a healthy and tasteful food. Inspired by Maruha Nichiro, Seafood Connection introduced their Seacon sushi line in 2013. 

Since then, a growing number of people is eating more consciously. Vegetarian food plays an important role in this trend. Now it’s time to take the next step. Seafood Connection proudly presents new Vegan products: Iki Tunini and Iki Masagi. Unique in taste, healthy and without any animal ingredients, the ‘Iki’ products live up to their Japanese name as it stands for vitality and freshness. The vegan products of Seafood Connection, which include edamame (soybeans) and wakame (seaweed salad) are indispensable in every sushi meal, poke bowl and salad. 

Seafood Connection is a leading supplier of frozen seafood products. Under the Seacon Vegan brand, we supply responsible vegetarian products that they have personally selected, developed and approved to guarantee only the best for the consumers!

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