Alaska Kibbeling

Theragra chalcogramma

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Alaska Kibbeling - Theragra chalcogramma

Alaska Kibbeling are industrial sawed stripes from Alaska Pollock blocks. This product is used for fried “Kibbeling”, small pieces of fried fish with a crunchy bite. It is a very popular fish snack in the Netherlands, like Fish & Chips in England. The whitefish has a firm structure and fine taste.

Origin: Alaska (USA)

Okres połowu/zbiorów
  • stycz
  • luty
  • mar
  • kwiec
  • maj
  • czerw
  • lip
  • sierp
  • wrzes
  • pazdz
  • listop
  • grudz

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Wild caugt in the Northwest Pacific (FAO 61) andNortheast Pacific (FAO 67

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